Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cargo your Bullet

Hi guys,

Glad to blog again after a break of near 50+ days ! I was down in Kerala for a couple of days in Xmas 2007 to cargo my bike to New Delhi. My bike was unused for 7 months since I was away in UAE.The bike was covered, though i didnt take any extra precautions. Uncovering the plastic .... Voila!

----- Unused Bullet 7 months! (Rock solid)

I called up Murugan who promptly sent his bro to get the bike started. I could have tried it myself, but didnt want any delays since holidays were around!The only things he did to get the bike started was to replace old fuel with new fuel and clean the spark plug!

----- Shotgun Murugans bro Ranjit emptying old petrol!

I tried sending through Railways and truck companies and finally settled on Gati cargo - Rs.3400 + 400 for packing by their outsourced agents (Now packing also got BPOs?)However you get a chance to check the packing to ur satisfaction before the bike is sent(i didnt get time to check it ..also forgot the thermocol to pack the petrol tank.). Trivandrum -New Delhi took 7 days(i got it on 31st dec!)

----- Bullet lands at Janakpuri (Home delivery ;-)

----- Scratched petrol tank :-( ..GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!! What the F@#$!

I m p o r t a n t : Dudes... when you guys cargo ur bike i would advise you to use thermocol,along with the hay and cardboard the guys use.
Well riding in 5 degrees temperature in New Delhi has its own mazaaaa - ginger tea is best after a cold ride! Happened to visit the Surajkund Handicraft mela !

----- Dance !!!!!

---- Cool Handicrafts .... i picked up some exquisite clay pottery !

----Ya , finally i managed to change my original 2002 exhaust (corroded) - (Check the long exhaust below folks..its extinct now) RE makes medium ones now.

I got myself a short exhaust from Karol Bagh, the mecca of Bullet parts here.I checked with an authorised RE showroom and he didnt have the original short exhaust...and i lost my patience so Rs.425 i got this fitted below!Pls mind its the same old original long pipe,only the end is changed !


----- The new exhaust makes a louder thump and great pick up. But in the cold weather it makes a good sound once it overcomes the 5 degrees temperature comfortably!

Ending this post with a smile : How do you know a fast food joint is run by Mallus a.k.a. Malayalis ..... check the spelling of Petrol PUMP i found in Abudhabi, UAE!


Thump ON.

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