Sunday, January 05, 2020

Types of motorbike riders... are u one of these ?

Motorbike riders or bikers are of all crazy types - probably you may identify the type of biker you are or came close to here –

  • Snobby Bob: They are territorial pissy, snobby folks and ride with other snobs, do mini mini rides… to the panwadi shop or nearest coffee shop so they can rest their butt at the earliest. They are more into all show and no gas ).

    Living to post and boast on Facebook and instagram.. and you can add Tok Tok or any new apps. Either they are too boastful – will not let you speak or are a bag of question marks. If they don’t get attention, they will ask “Mate, the bike screw has lost its shine.. Do you think so … or some other stupid question? You can find them on more expensive bikes.. Harleys are usually preferred by this lot so its easily identified and is well known by all rich or poor.

  • Stunt master: Enthusiastic and loves trying all sorts of stunts on the bike.. simple wheelies to weird acts that could win them a direct entry into a circus. You may find them on lighter bikes .. 200cc or light ones like KTM’s.

  • Oily moo: This hardcore mechanic type who loves getting his hands dirty and is crazy about solving bike problems and finds the soul fully satisfying hearing the engine sound. Reminds me of a Shot gun Murugan down south in India who could tune bikes awesome but he did not know to ride one.. Crazy world ! 
  • Daily commuter: No comments here… its about a rider just commuting to his workplace..not much leisure in city bike riding..but yeah it beats traffic jams and is economical. Some of them are really cheerful and enjoy riding – Salute to them! Any bike ..No cry .. Joy everytime J

  • Macho man ... no rides, flexing his muscle and thinks owning a bike is macho to go with his image. He must be wishing the motorbike was a gym

  • True biker.. care 2 hoots to the wind and raring to go on long rides - Bike companies worship these guys and they are much sought after for all opinions on bikes and accessories - eat breathe drink motorbikes.

  • MOD- mad rider ... more than riding this guy spends 90% of the time trying out modifications or his bike that’s launched in the market. His enthu knows no bounds mix and match is the name of the game. Any bike … will the Harley body fit on a KTM 200cc engine…ok, lets swap the mirrors  and on and on..

And ladies and gentlemen… The award goes to this one –

  •  The Online (whatsapp) biker .. No rides.. but all advice and questions for everyone. The confused soul thinks he is on on Kaun Banega Crore fati ( Who wants to be a Millionaire )? Amazing is how they are blessed with time my friends …

So… get on the motorbike and move bro. Action is on the move.... 

As Hellen Keller said - “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Ride safe!
Biker BT

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

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