Sunday, November 24, 2019

Are interceptor 650 handlebar risers useful ?

The stock handlebar position with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 may not be optimal for many folks. If you turn it towards the ride a bit it's more comfortable.It worked well for me, but it lacked height.  However from my experience, I prefer the upright positions rather than the forward lean position,  which gave some back pain on long rides.

So you can use handlebar risers to raise the height so you can ride comfortably without leaning forward. It will give a cruiser riding feel.

This pic is before using handlebar risers.

Handlebar risers from Midhun at Bigfoot Customs Trivandrum

Sasi @ Bikers Shed Gurgaon at it (30 minutes)

You can see the elevated position

and Voila ... here is the cruiser feel and comfort position on long rides.

Please note, it also depends on each one's height and seating comfort etc. As my friend Jayan said.. the elbows should be free and loose. The risers give a feel of riding the good old Yamaha RX 100 ..only here its more than 6 times the power :)


Ride safe!


Interceptor with handlebar risers

Sunday, November 10, 2019

New cup : New tea ~ Enter the Interceptor 650cc parallel twins

Enfield Bullet 350 cc (CI) engine >> to the Interceptor 650 parallel twins

I have been riding the Enfield Bullet (Cast iron engine - which produces the original thump sound) from 2002 onwards. It is a very reliable bike and rock steady. I still pride myself on the 2000 km ride from Kerala to Goa and back in 3 days!! Once you are used to an Enfield bullet, the lighter Japanese bikes are hard to digest at that time – choices being the likes of Yamaha RX 100 or the Suzuki Shogun or the Kawasaki 100cc bikes.

Typical questions from an old bulleteer  to an interceptor include – 

Does it have a neutral finder?  ….. No sir

Are the brakes on the left?  ….. No sir 

Where is the petrol reserve switch ? ….. Not available sir

Where is the kick start pedal ? ….. Not available sir

Well enter the Interceptor 650 Parallel twin air cooled 650 cc engine

 ( 0 to 60 in 3 seconds)!! … wow not so Enfield. One misses the joy of gunning the CI Bullet to life and feel the heartbeat with the thump as it flies slowly on the road.

Electronics and sensors at play … One can see the Engine malfunction indicator, Battery low voltage indicator, ABS indicator, Low oil pressure indicator, Fuel indicator with blinking sign once it hits reserve – like 3 litres fuel remaining. and the Neutral indicator among others. Sensor based feature kills the engine if bike topples from upright position.

The bike is great to ride, stable, sharp braking and is a joy. Riding at 100 feels like one is at 30 or 40km/hr  ~ such is the stability and smoothness of the bike without vibrations. One wishes if there was a all gears indicator instead of just a N sign when it hits neutral.

Enjoy the joyride – It is Enfield and yet not so Enfield 👍


Biker BT

thanks to Priyanka/Abhijeet @manzil motors for a seamless, hassle free and joyful buying experience.😎

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