Sunday, March 17, 2019

Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run - 10 years of RIDE- RESPECT- RELAX !

Delhi Bikers Breakfast rides celebrated its 10 years of breakfast rides on March 16, 2019. The success of this group is probably in its basic principle - 'Promote riding motorbikes' so that more people can learn to enjoy motorbikes and respect one another. Joshua John and friends started this initiative. Experienced riders join to share wonderful stories on each ride. This time we had  Deepak Gupta sharing his epic adventure of riding 51,000kms, 99Days, 15Countries, 3 Continents!! Truly inspiring.

All motorbikes are welcome - even a 50 cc or a 1800cc bikes. You will find all bikes here on the ride from classic Jawa or a cast iron Royal Enfield to powerful Harley Davidsons, Triumph or BMW's all riding together - a true celebration of the riding Spirit.

This is a totally non-profit initiative. Volunteers organize rides and one can join the rides up to the destination and breakfast is an optional affair depending on entry to a particular dhaba or any resort in case of a swimming pool etc.

The motto - Ride, Respect, Relax says it all.

Though some biking groups have their rules like only superbikes allowed or only Enfield Bullets etc., many biking groups collaborate here for events organized by Delhi bikers like the "Delhi Biker's Fest".  They do join in for the breakfast rides too which happen on Saturday mornings. 6 am to 10 am. So one has time to balance motorbiking and family too! Some bring their kids too on the rides.

Thanks to Gaurav for the company on the way back ... Some pics from the 10-year anniversary ride -

Joshua John welcoming the new riders and briefing the riders.. 2 lane formation, keep distance, go slow ride safe, no stunts and etc..etc... :)

Some snaps ...

Dirt track 

KD ..official photographer 

BT with Deepak Gupta who just covered riding 51,000kms, 99 Days, 15 Countries, 3 Continents!!

Happy riding!


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