Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ingenious contraption- Enfield it ?

Ingenuity is inborn in human beings to solve problems. Imagine you have to carry a lot of things to another place regularly. You can't afford a small pick up truck or auto!

What would happen if you cross a -> yamaha motorbike front wheel+fork with a bajaj scooter headlight/speedo console and tractor clutch plus a bajaj scooter engine and a simple cycle cart and cycle frame ?


--- You can see the small scooter engine underneath.

I'm sure you might have seen this in and around Delhi region! Legal aspect and certification ? ~Dayyumm it!

Admire the genious who made it and the daring who ride it ! I personally feel that this would be better with a Royal enfield engine - adding a thump to this contraption !

Have a nice week !


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