Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indian innovation: Royal Enfield Bullet used as plough

Indian 'jugaad'  - Indian innovation: Royal Enfield Bullet as plough

The Royal Enfield Bullet with attachments can be used for tilling, weeding, and sowing.
Courtesy of National Innovation Foundation

To solve problems in the spraying of agrochemi­cals in the fields, Man­sukhbhai Jagani farmer from Gujarat, India developed a sprayer which is effi­cient and affordable.This has been done with  a die­sel Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle complete with attachments for till­ing, weeding, and sowing small farm holdings. Jagani’s machine proves to be cost effective and fuel efficient. It can plow an acre of land in 30 min­utes, consuming just two liters of fuel. Santi can weed 10 hectares of land in a day at the cost of Rs 15 per hectare.

To accomplish such tasks, Jagani has created an attachment that can be hooked to any 300+ cc motorcycle by replacing the rear wheel with an assembly unit, also designed and developed by him.

With the help of National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad, Jag­ani has attained a patent in India and in the US for his innovation

Amazing stuff! 

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