Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Interceptor 650 for touring and her opinion after 700+km

I think there has been a lot of debate on what bike is good for touring and not good as well. Some folks may be looking for a bucket seat and a cruiser handle to feel and well.. say yeah we are touring and this is a touring bike. 

We went on a 700+ km ride to Bhimtal and back which is steep hills around 1000m + above sea level. I have the interceptor 650 with the stock seat. I used handle bar risers and feel the position is comfortable. I did a solo ride to Mukteshwar with Zubin (Dominar) in January and the bike is good for touring.

This time, my spouse accompanied me on the pillion all 700+ km climbing the steep hills and muddy road to our hotel. I think the Interceptor is great bike for touring. The pick up is awesome and I never felt there was any lag in power at anytime. One can speed up 0 to 100 in 3 seconds and we leave the cars behind easy and then its the next set of cars to overtake.. 😊 

Coming down the steep mountain slopes with pillion took a toll on my arms and back. I say in case of pillion, RE needs to make better seats for the interceptor! Besides the seat it's been great. I have been advised to try the touring seat which I must do.

Meanwhile let's hear what she has to say about riding on the interceptor 650 on the pillion seat for 700+ km.

Interceptor 650cc is a heavy bike at 200kg approximate compared to a KTM 390 (158kg). On the hills on has to take care that we stop carefully as if it tilts beyond an angle, it may be difficult to control on the steep climb.

A short uphill drive, along two-kilometers of Kuccha road from Bhimtal Lake, leads you to Fredy's Bungalow... Great place for a very quiet time and treks

Cheers guys!

Biker BT

Friday, October 30, 2020

Amazing Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Door-step Bike Service

“Take it easy when you are busy! It shall never be easy but, take it easy!” 
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Royal Enfield has finally got hit by the winds of digital transformation. They are now coming home to service your bike. Everything is online- job card to billing. Its convenient sometimes and saves our time too ! Dial a service and here they are !

Voila ... Full mechanix on wheels !

Fully loaded !... can he get a full bike assembled ;) 

The works

We are good to hit the road... Vroom !! 

Maybe you guys can try the option if you are short of time or cant visit the service station for any reason !

Biker BT

Monday, August 17, 2020

Happiness per KM ! The Launch > ~ A Motorcycle Brand

It was great to attend the launch party of Happiness per KM ! ~ A Motorcycle Brand.

Ashish Bahl and friends have launched it. They will shortly be launching products and services for bikers and motorcycling enthusiasts.

Some clicks from the early morning launch .. 

Ashish Bahl @  Happiness per KM !

Bikers at the launch

Biker BT

Happiness welcoming you at the Gates ! :)

Recycle Cafe, NH 8 

Great video promos n snacks !

Let's wish them the Best  and Look forward to Exciting motorcycle experiences and products ! 

Biker BT

Friday, March 27, 2020

Enfield Bullet iconically romancing Indian movies in 2020 & beyond

Despite the entry of all international super bikes in India, the Enfield Bullet rules over others as the symbol of power ~ Romancing the Indian cinema.

I was wondering if the arrival of a lot of super-duper bikes in India made the Indian movie audience move away from the Enfield Bullet as "The Motorbike" compared to my previous blog in 2011. Not yet and never will, it seems.

Most in India who have grown up watching Hindi movies will definitely remember the hero on a motorbike ... it had to be a Royal Enfield Bullet. (Always wear a helmet and safety gear while on motorbikes)

Of course, I personally can't imagine Amitabh Bachan riding a 150cc fat fati Rajdoot which used to always seem like gasping for dear breath! Now that's something that's real undigestable. The hero on an Enfield Bullet reflects sheer power through its classic iconic status.

Notably starting from the 1975 movie Sholay featuring Amitabh and Dharmendra on the Bullet, now 45 long years down the line even if we just look at recent movies, we can see the Enfield featured prominently.

Take a look - Kabir Singh movie December 2019 

Or these ... down the last couple of years ... Badri or Dabangg for that matter

It's the Royal Enfield Bullet all the way ... 

Indian Movies featuring Enfields in 2011's

+ Ajay Devgan in 'Singham'
+ Katrina in 'Zindagi Na Milega Dobaara'
+ Arbaaz Khan in 'Dabangg'
+ Kangana in 'Tanu weds Manu'
+ Gul Panag in 'Turning 30'

Iconic Bullet ... From 1975..Sholay...

Just goes to prove that even with the Harley's, Triumph's and Ducati's available in India, the Enfield Bullet continues its supreme reign over Indian movie audiences. Probably, other bikes are not able to match the iconic road presence and the feeling of sheer power in Indian minds - that a Bullet brings.

Indian movie buffs need the Bullet for the iconic power - On or Off screen it seems :) 



(Always wear a helmet and safety gear while on motorbikes)

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Tips on riding your motorbike up on hilly mountain roads

Going up a hilly mountain terrain and coming downhill demand skill from a motorcycle rider. You need to keep your balance, control speed, stay in the right lane, judge well and ride safe. Please note, this is only a refresher for experienced riders.

Some key points include

Always be in control. The gear you use to go uphill should be used downhill or an even lower gear if possible to get more control.

Keep close to the outer boundary of the roads, careful that it’s not having skid gravel though which is common in the mountains.

Don’t speed up if you got a curved road or hairpin bend coming ahead as you may not get time to slow down or control your bike according to oncoming vehicle.

Watch out for blind turns, most of the time the other the oncoming vehicle does not honk, better you honk on each blind turn.

Roads can be bumpy and controlling a bike can be difficult, so lower gears and slow speed to maintain control and balance.

Local drivers or riders tend to be rash, probably having a mindset that they own the place.
Riding uphill and having to stop? Check if the rear brake is better to use or front brake for the terrain. If you want to keep both feet on the ground while stopping, then the front brake is the option. If you can use the right foot for the rear brake, then you can lean left to stop. Take care that bike does not roll backward in the process.

It also depends on which one is easier to disengage while starting and moving ahead again. Can you start the bike on a climb holding the front brake? Preferably avoid stopping on too steep climbs..find a little less steep road and park on the side.

Heavy bikes have a lower turning radius and rider tends to lose balance on a hilly climb at a standstill position. If you wish to turn, take a larger radius turn instead of a shorter one. Lean appropriately to the left or right to maintain balance while turning. This is essential especially when one turns or when one disengages the brake and gives acceleration to move forward relying on the clutch.

And you thought motorbike riding was easy….

Thanks to Zubin for the video

Ride safe! 


Biker BT

Ghat image:

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Types of motorbike riders... are u one of these ?

Motorbike riders or bikers are of all crazy types - probably you may identify the type of biker you are or came close to here –

  • Snobby Bob: They are territorial pissy, snobby folks and ride with other snobs, do mini mini rides… to the panwadi shop or nearest coffee shop so they can rest their butt at the earliest. They are more into all show and no gas ).

    Living to post and boast on Facebook and instagram.. and you can add Tok Tok or any new apps. Either they are too boastful – will not let you speak or are a bag of question marks. If they don’t get attention, they will ask “Mate, the bike screw has lost its shine.. Do you think so … or some other stupid question? You can find them on more expensive bikes.. Harleys are usually preferred by this lot so its easily identified and is well known by all rich or poor.

  • Stunt master: Enthusiastic and loves trying all sorts of stunts on the bike.. simple wheelies to weird acts that could win them a direct entry into a circus. You may find them on lighter bikes .. 200cc or light ones like KTM’s.

  • Oily moo: This hardcore mechanic type who loves getting his hands dirty and is crazy about solving bike problems and finds the soul fully satisfying hearing the engine sound. Reminds me of a Shot gun Murugan down south in India who could tune bikes awesome but he did not know to ride one.. Crazy world ! 
  • Daily commuter: No comments here… its about a rider just commuting to his workplace..not much leisure in city bike riding..but yeah it beats traffic jams and is economical. Some of them are really cheerful and enjoy riding – Salute to them! Any bike ..No cry .. Joy everytime J

  • Macho man ... no rides, flexing his muscle and thinks owning a bike is macho to go with his image. He must be wishing the motorbike was a gym

  • True biker.. care 2 hoots to the wind and raring to go on long rides - Bike companies worship these guys and they are much sought after for all opinions on bikes and accessories - eat breathe drink motorbikes.

  • MOD- mad rider ... more than riding this guy spends 90% of the time trying out modifications or his bike that’s launched in the market. His enthu knows no bounds mix and match is the name of the game. Any bike … will the Harley body fit on a KTM 200cc engine…ok, lets swap the mirrors  and on and on..

And ladies and gentlemen… The award goes to this one –

  •  The Online (whatsapp) biker .. No rides.. but all advice and questions for everyone. The confused soul thinks he is on on Kaun Banega Crore fati ( Who wants to be a Millionaire )? Amazing is how they are blessed with time my friends …

So… get on the motorbike and move bro. Action is on the move.... 

As Hellen Keller said - “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Ride safe!
Biker BT

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Interceptor 650 for touring and her opinion after 700+km

I think there has been a lot of debate on what bike is good for touring and not good as well. Some folks may be looking for a bucket seat an...