Monday, May 22, 2017

Riding solo

Riding solo

Motorbiking with friends is always welcome and it feels great to know that someone is there to help out in the case of a flat tire, engine problems or whatever. Friendly assurance and peace of mind- So nice isn’t it?

To experience the real thrill and spirit of motor biking, take off on a solo ride. Cut the threads that bind you. Burn the dependencies. Free yourself. Just you, your motorbike, your issues, and your route – You command yourself. No strings at all. Just pack and take off. Preferably don’t plan much – some high-level directions and know the dusk stoppage point.

As you take off solo, you will immerse yourself in the elements of risk to be managed by yourself and probably share the new company of loneliness. You will emerge with improved confidence. Riding along, your issues and worries are likely to float into your thought train. Get a grip and do not let it distract and you could get solutions, new insights, and perspectives.

Solo riding is not as bad as you think. It will make you realize that the world is a friendlier place. Ride off to the rural areas, far off from the maddening materialistic city life. Appreciate the curious looks of what and why of people around you. Seek assistance and see how glad people are to be of help. It will reassure you of human values and humanity. Stop. Go out of your way to help someone. As you take rest at dusk, you can introspect and also wonder what to do with time. Probably it’s not passing at the same speed as before.

This is a motivational article on solo motorbike riding which can be a very rewarding experience besides giving each one their personal space and time. If you are kick started on it, other things like riding safe and keeping dear ones informed will easily fall in place. 

Take care of your motorbike and it will take care of you as well. So when do you start?

Ride safe.



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