Wednesday, June 03, 2015

motorcycles small and happy

Miniature motorcycles

We may like to own 100 different types of motorbikes but maybe we cant afford it or may be we have no parking space.Then what can we do to do some justice to the desire... Probably think smaller ...Miniature motorbikes. You have it and its unique and fits in your cupboard too!

Featured here are two folks who are are doing uniquely on those lines - Dan Tanenbaum and Vyacheslav Voronovich.

Dan Tanenbaum is based out of Toronto in Canada and specializes in making miniature. motorbikes exclusivly from vintage watch parts. Dan worked as Art Director for over 10 years in advertising.He has an obsession for vintage timepieces and industrial design and merged his two passions by creating miniature motorcycles using vintage watch parts.They sell for a few 100s of dollars. He has built custom motorcycles for clients around the globe.

Some of his unique work ...




Vyacheslav, a biker has a passion for hand-made miniatures and woodcarving. He is a based out of Lviv (Ukraine).He uses oak, beech, pine, ash or mahogany wood to create these marvels.Carving tiny components like gear shifters and turn signals is a major challenge as they break off.

Some of his work below ... awesome wood carvings ! 


 BMW KT 1600 GT


 Salute to these two master craftsmen !

On the beerer side we have beer cap motorbikes too... Now that's making maximum use of beer ...drink the beer, sell the bottles and use the bottlecaps to make these wonders !

With Heineken beer caps

and with Corona light !

For the non alcoholics... even cola caps will work ;)
Cheers !


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