Sunday, March 08, 2009

Motorcycle and the Art of Nudity maintenance

Nudity is an art?

Most people tend to think that Nudity in Art or outside just means one and only one thing !- SEX :)

It is unfortunate that society creates this kind of association and considers this shameful instead of growing up and taking a worldly view of things.There is plenty of nudity in art in most cultures dating back to centuries which becomes a right to many artists.

However I was just wondering on a vague topic like - "Motorcycle and the Art of Nudity maintenance !" Sounds familiar ? :-D

May be.Today we do find a lot of motorbikes covered in aerodynamic plastic moulds which hide the engine, yet have strategic vents to get the sweat & output right out!

Talking of nude engines, we have the Royal Enfield still having its classy hot steamy engine in an everlasting hot-cold interactive war with the environment! Check this cut away RE engine at a bike show.

This is a strip tease of the primary drive case removed !

Whatever technology comes, I still prefer that motorbikes should have their engines well Xposed and decent noise to show its not a car!

Now isnt all this nude engine more attractive to ride Xposed rather than if covered up with plastic !

Some nude art ! ----- Hmmmm really artistic !

Well..... ahem ! :) Nudity, art,motorcycle... whats this one up to ?


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