Sunday, January 05, 2020

Types of motorbike riders... are u one of these ?

Motorbike riders or bikers are of all crazy types - probably you may identify the type of biker you are or came close to here –

  • Snobby Bob: They are territorial pissy, snobby folks and ride with other snobs, do mini mini rides… to the panwadi shop or nearest coffee shop so they can rest their butt at the earliest. They are more into all show and no gas ).

    Living to post and boast on Facebook and instagram.. and you can add Tok Tok or any new apps. Either they are too boastful – will not let you speak or are a bag of question marks. If they don’t get attention, they will ask “Mate, the bike screw has lost its shine.. Do you think so … or some other stupid question? You can find them on more expensive bikes.. Harleys are usually preferred by this lot so its easily identified and is well known by all rich or poor.

  • Stunt master: Enthusiastic and loves trying all sorts of stunts on the bike.. simple wheelies to weird acts that could win them a direct entry into a circus. You may find them on lighter bikes .. 200cc or light ones like KTM’s.

  • Oily moo: This hardcore mechanic type who loves getting his hands dirty and is crazy about solving bike problems and finds the soul fully satisfying hearing the engine sound. Reminds me of a Shot gun Murugan down south in India who could tune bikes awesome but he did not know to ride one.. Crazy world ! 
  • Daily commuter: No comments here… its about a rider just commuting to his workplace..not much leisure in city bike riding..but yeah it beats traffic jams and is economical. Some of them are really cheerful and enjoy riding – Salute to them! Any bike ..No cry .. Joy everytime J

  • Macho man ... no rides, flexing his muscle and thinks owning a bike is macho to go with his image. He must be wishing the motorbike was a gym

  • True biker.. care 2 hoots to the wind and raring to go on long rides - Bike companies worship these guys and they are much sought after for all opinions on bikes and accessories - eat breathe drink motorbikes.

  • MOD- mad rider ... more than riding this guy spends 90% of the time trying out modifications or his bike that’s launched in the market. His enthu knows no bounds mix and match is the name of the game. Any bike … will the Harley body fit on a KTM 200cc engine…ok, lets swap the mirrors  and on and on..

And ladies and gentlemen… The award goes to this one –

  •  The Online (whatsapp) biker .. No rides.. but all advice and questions for everyone. The confused soul thinks he is on on Kaun Banega Crore fati ( Who wants to be a Millionaire )? Amazing is how they are blessed with time my friends …

So… get on the motorbike and move bro. Action is on the move.... 

As Hellen Keller said - “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Ride safe!
Biker BT

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Are interceptor 650 handlebar risers useful ?

The stock handlebar position with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 may not be optimal for many folks. If you turn it towards the ride a bit it's more comfortable.It worked well for me, but it lacked height.  However from my experience, I prefer the upright positions rather than the forward lean position,  which gave some back pain on long rides.

So you can use handlebar risers to raise the height so you can ride comfortably without leaning forward. It will give a cruiser riding feel.

This pic is before using handlebar risers.

Handlebar risers from Midhun at Bigfoot Customs Trivandrum

Sasi @ Bikers Shed Gurgaon at it (30 minutes)

You can see the elevated position

and Voila ... here is the cruiser feel and comfort position on long rides.

Please note, it also depends on each one's height and seating comfort etc. As my friend Jayan said.. the elbows should be free and loose. The risers give a feel of riding the good old Yamaha RX 100 ..only here its more than 6 times the power :)


Ride safe!


Interceptor with handlebar risers

Sunday, November 10, 2019

New cup : New tea ~ Enter the Interceptor 650cc parallel twins

Enfield Bullet 350 cc (CI) engine >> to the Interceptor 650 parallel twins

I have been riding the Enfield Bullet (Cast iron engine - which produces the original thump sound) from 2002 onwards. It is a very reliable bike and rock steady. I still pride myself on the 2000 km ride from Kerala to Goa and back in 3 days!! Once you are used to an Enfield bullet, the lighter Japanese bikes are hard to digest at that time – choices being the likes of Yamaha RX 100 or the Suzuki Shogun or the Kawasaki 100cc bikes.

Typical questions from an old bulleteer  to an interceptor include – 

Does it have a neutral finder?  ….. No sir

Are the brakes on the left?  ….. No sir 

Where is the petrol reserve switch ? ….. Not available sir

Where is the kick start pedal ? ….. Not available sir

Well enter the Interceptor 650 Parallel twin air cooled 650 cc engine

 ( 0 to 60 in 3 seconds)!! … wow not so Enfield. One misses the joy of gunning the CI Bullet to life and feel the heartbeat with the thump as it flies slowly on the road.

Electronics and sensors at play … One can see the Engine malfunction indicator, Battery low voltage indicator, ABS indicator, Low oil pressure indicator, Fuel indicator with blinking sign once it hits reserve – like 3 litres fuel remaining. and the Neutral indicator among others. Sensor based feature kills the engine if bike topples from upright position.

The bike is great to ride, stable, sharp braking and is a joy. Riding at 100 feels like one is at 30 or 40km/hr  ~ such is the stability and smoothness of the bike without vibrations. One wishes if there was a all gears indicator instead of just a N sign when it hits neutral.

Enjoy the joyride – It is Enfield and yet not so Enfield 👍


Biker BT

thanks to Priyanka/Abhijeet @manzil motors for a seamless, hassle free and joyful buying experience.😎

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run - 10 years of RIDE- RESPECT- RELAX !

Delhi Bikers Breakfast rides celebrated its 10 years of breakfast rides on March 16, 2019. The success of this group is probably in its basic principle - 'Promote riding motorbikes' so that more people can learn to enjoy motorbikes and respect one another. Joshua John and friends started this initiative. Experienced riders join to share wonderful stories on each ride. This time we had  Deepak Gupta sharing his epic adventure of riding 51,000kms, 99Days, 15Countries, 3 Continents!! Truly inspiring.

All motorbikes are welcome - even a 50 cc or a 1800cc bikes. You will find all bikes here on the ride from classic Jawa or a cast iron Royal Enfield to powerful Harley Davidsons, Triumph or BMW's all riding together - a true celebration of the riding Spirit.

This is a totally non-profit initiative. Volunteers organize rides and one can join the rides up to the destination and breakfast is an optional affair depending on entry to a particular dhaba or any resort in case of a swimming pool etc.

The motto - Ride, Respect, Relax says it all.

Though some biking groups have their rules like only superbikes allowed or only Enfield Bullets etc., many biking groups collaborate here for events organized by Delhi bikers like the "Delhi Biker's Fest".  They do join in for the breakfast rides too which happen on Saturday mornings. 6 am to 10 am. So one has time to balance motorbiking and family too! Some bring their kids too on the rides.

Thanks to Gaurav for the company on the way back ... Some pics from the 10-year anniversary ride -

Joshua John welcoming the new riders and briefing the riders.. 2 lane formation, keep distance, go slow ride safe, no stunts and etc..etc... :)

Some snaps ...

Dirt track 

KD ..official photographer 

BT with Deepak Gupta who just covered riding 51,000kms, 99 Days, 15 Countries, 3 Continents!!

Happy riding!


Thursday, March 22, 2018

The future of motorbiking with Artificial Intelligence

Thrill has a price and that is balanced with risk a motorbike rider takes while riding the motorbike. Probably, the dangers of motorbiking are more notorious than the joys and thrills of motorbiking. Ask any parent who's child asked them to buy a motorbike for them. How could the future of motorbiking possibly look like? Enter technology - Artificial intelligence and sensor-based devices that communicate with other to give the rider a safer experience.

Being a motorbike rider and enthusiast, I see the future motorbike riding going to be totally 'safe'. (Read Boring)

Google maps currently provide traffic information to cite today's working technology example at a minimalistic level.

In future, for example, a rider will get information on the surface of the roads ahead -

Is it even? Any potholes? What is the optimum speed to maintain? Based on 'Live data' gathered by sensor devices AI-based data analytics can provide the answer -"Yes, its safe to speed up to 150km/hr for the next two kilometers".

Further drill-down data on the environment can also be provided along with "What -if" scenario analysis - Would it be safe to go over 100 km/hour on the road at this point of time? What is the average speed of the vehicles within a 1km radius? Is there any vehicle that is moving without adhering to traffic rules that could pose a danger to the rider within 500 meters of the motorbike?

Sensors will be able to detect these type of vehicle movement and alert the rider to take an intelligent decision. Or similar to your current Google assistant or Siri on your phones, devices can give continuous tips and advisory as you ride your bike and are on the move so you can make decisions based on sound accurate facts leading to a much safer ride.

We have the Internet of Things(IoT) sensors that motorbike riding companies can implement and get information on the state of the motorbike in real time while it is rented out to a customer. Is he riding in low gears and damaging the engine? For the X speed that the rider is cruising, is he using the optimal gear mix? What speeds are the riders going at? Ultimately with all this data available, the rider can be classified as a good rider and a bad rider. This level of data availability can help motorbike rental companies decide on the rental price based on the style of riding of a person and also insurance companies can raise the premium for riders with a higher appetite for risky riding.This is an example of what revenue models can arise from exploiting data from a couple of kilometers on the road.

We are looking a scenario of immense unstructured data being gathered from a stretch of a few kilometers that will be part of the Big data platforms. Analytic software companies will mine these data with applications and will provide a riding guidance through paid apps. Information will be displayed on multiple devices like the rider's helmet or glasses. You might have read about BMW's concept self-balancing bikes where the rider will never fall ; )

The future motorbikes will be focused on safety, but it takes away the opportunity of the human rider to use his skill and judgment to ride a motorbike - which is the real thrill of motorbiking. Using a high level of technology as above in motorbikes is like taking the sweetness out of the chocolate, rendering it tasteless.

Ride safe.

Biker BT

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Crazy to re-register my Enfield Bullet post 15 years?

You think its Crazy to re-register my Enfield Bullet post 15 years? - Yes and No. If it was just taking it across to the RTO a few kilometers away - that's fine.

Painted it brand new, changed parts to get it shiny - around 20000 bucks.

  • But, transporting the bike cross country from Delhi to Kerala?
  • Flying down for the re-registration process and physical fitness test?
  • Transporting it back up North again? 

The guy must be nuts, right?

Honestly, I wanted a Bullet since the teens and could buy one only when I was around 30. There is a sentimental value attached to that buy. I believe treat your bike well and it respects you as well. Junk can be traded, but when the bike is good solid as a rock and fit it deserves to stay - especially the cast iron engine and the natural thump magic of the Bullet which makes it iconic. Collector's item.

Anyway, transporting it - Agarwal packers quoted 12000 rupees "Delhi - Trivandrum" bike transport, packing all included.

I did it through SafeExpress - Rs.4500 ( But packing to be done by me). Cool.

I wasn't around post re-registration when it was to be shipped back so did it through Agarwal packers - Rs.8500 packing and transport (South to North direction transport is mysteriously cheap). Probably I feel the assumption is it's a B-tier city so lower income etc blah and blah?

The interesting thing is on the way to get the Bullet fitness test done at Trivandrum, I was stopped by the cops twice and fined both times for not having a mirror on the left handlebar. The mirror would not fit and I could not miss the fitness test schedule time as well. But then - that's compliments from  Life. Funny? No, after all the effort I took as above >> Seriously No.

So here I am, ... Ride on :)


Biker BT

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Can i play with madness - riding in the rain

Monsoon started full blast and you get the feeling to go all out and get wet! When you got to just go !!! Didn't think if the petrol tank was full ( can catch a petrol pump on the way).My wife accompanied me. Enjoyed the thumping Royal Enfield Bullet ride, amazing droplets hitting the face and the bike splashing water all across .... lovely! :)

And then the bike engine stops - in the rain. Perfect day eh?

My Bullet has never let me down all the 15 years! It always gets started.Trust. However, my wife did give the Bullet a push for the first time in her life trying to get it started :)

Humanity is alive still! Thanks to the guy who lent me some petrol and refused Paytm. Thanks to Shehzad for telephonic troubleshooting. Another guy who stopped to offer to find a mechanic and did come back and tell me the mechanic location a kilometer away. Thank you !! :)

But hey... remember the Bullet never lets me down and it gets started amazingly - and wow ... we are back to riding and splashing in the rain back to home.

Great day! Amazing fun. Try playing with madness ( But have enough petrol ;)


Types of motorbike riders... are u one of these ?

Motorbike riders or bikers are of all crazy types - probably you may identify the type of biker you are or came close to here – ...