Friday, June 22, 2007

Motorbike cartoons

Have you put your helmet,shoes,riding gloves,jacket...... ok guys lets THUMP! Theres plenty of motorbike cartoons which cheer up our day 1

Some great motorbike cartoons here


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thrill comparison

I never really dreamt of sports cars or going for a drive in one of them.In India , riding my Bullet was a great kick and will always be.

An office farewell party in Abu dhabi gave me my first chance to get a drive in a Honda S2000 ( and with my colleague Ibrahim's car.

To describe the 20 minute drive - Well... honestly i was simply thrilled.

First of all, with the convertible top on,the total cubicle space (driver +1) was much lesser than our autorickshaw seating space in Kerala.I had to crouch so low to get in the car, that i thought my Pierre Cardin blazer would get its buttons split.

Ibrahim was using the extra seat to keep all his stuff - files,papers,pepsi etc.They could be somehow moved in to small shelf like rack.

Strapping on my seat belt,i thought - Yeah we will cruise at 50 or 60 in these city roads.Ibrahim really raced it through the city roads.Awesome power - when its first pulled out of the driveway, the seatbelt held me on.Zipping on the city streets in traffic at 150 km/hr broke the rules .... but then what are rules for ! - to b broken!!!!!

Even from 150 the car's braking power was real cool too...slows down to a stop real fast.

I have done 100 in our broad Kowdiar roads one night on my RE.That thrill was different. As we reached the destination, i said great drive Ibrahim and he didn't have heart problems or didn't get frightened

I told no..i do bike riding and long tours - Royal Enfield.
He replied "What bike is that fast it goes ?"

I said a 500 cc crosses 140 km/hr...but its not the speed, its something else!


Well i didn't go to great lengths to explain .... the essence of an RE can only be found my owning,riding and caring for it !

Well comparing the two thrills very well know which i would prefer. Excuse my details on more of a simple RE motorbike guy

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