Thursday, September 14, 2006

:: Me and the Royal Enfield Bullet ::

My fascination for the Enfield Bullet started may be when i was a kid... seeing my uncles Enfield Bullet when i used to come home to Kerala for vacations from Goa. I cant recollect exactly what fascinated me but i think may be it was the distinct thump was what attracted me to it first ... simply awesome raw power -- and all that heavy metal (also it is an head-turner in the streets!) .

Later on we could always see the tourists zipping on in Bullets in Goa coming from all far off places like New Delhi etc. All preferred Bullets...Even today it is the most prefered touring bike in India.

When i went to purchase a bullet... a lot of people advised me -- its too heavy , brake and gears are on opp sides - and other stories. I just pushed it all aside and went and bought one. I took to riding it just like a fish to water -- (Sometimes your heart knows what you need !!!!!).

I hope to put up more stuff on the Bullet . By the way, my user name is BIKER BT no way related to any motorcycle gangs (in the negative sense) -- motorbike riders are bikers and a biker by any name will feel the same thrill on a motorbike!




AJ said...

You should write a book. The title as i told you would be "TBTWTMH"

jay said...

Hi BT,

Great ride and nice writeup. Enjoy the ride on bull...

Is this a Skoda ignition coil or sensor issue ?

Is this a Skoda ignition coil or sensor issue ?