Monday, November 27, 2006

RE - T shirts :-)

My parents called up to say there was a courier from Royal Enfield…(seemed to contain some spare parts they said.). Spare parts. ? Well I had been waiting for the 2 T-shirts for the 2 of my ride write-ups published on the RE site. But spare parts...?????

When I finally got the package, yes it said, “RE Genuine spare parts”. I broke open the package in no time. WoW --- 2 dark blue T-shirts with a cool embroidered logo.
Saying “ Royal Enfield – 50 – The Legend Rides on”.

My wife and I put on our RE – T’s and headed to Town on the Bullet. We were proudly sporting it. People definitely took notice of us sporting same T’s. The logo is similar to the Bullet logo on the RE Standard bike fuel tank.

But the extent of publicity came as we passed by Jay’s office (our Tvm Bulls moderator) and dropped in to see him. One of his colleagues said he had seen us at Saphalyam shopping complex and guessed that we were part of some Bullet club!

Thump On !


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Harsha said...

Congratulation....have a nice time...

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