Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Ten Commandments of Royal Enfield Bullet

The Ten Commandments of Royal Enfield Bullet

1. The one true Indian-made motorcycle is the Royal Enfield Bullet, and thou shalt put no other motorcycles before it.

2. Thou shalt not bow down and worship nor serve the god of chrome or plastic ; for, lo, he is a false god and will not get thy butt home.

3. Honor thy authorized dealer that thy days may be long and fruitful in the land of Bullet.

4. Remember the weekend, and keep it open. for it is written, five days shalt thou labor, and for two days shalt thou ride thy Bullet, drink beer, and ***k off.

5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Bullet, nor her manservant, nor her maidservant, nor her ox, nor her cute little ass.

6. From the throne of thine Royal Enfield Bullet, thou shalt not stoop to wave at sinners who ride jap-crap, for jap-crap is known to be the handiwork of the devil.

7. Thou shalt not pass by nor turn away from thy brother Bullet rider who is in mechanical distress. (Remember this & live by it!! - BT)

8. Thou shalt not pose. verily, I say unto you, it is easier for a poser to pass his gold visa card through the eye of a needle than to enter into the true fellowship of Royal Enfield Bullet heaven.

9. When riding thy Bullet on the road of life, thou shalt not whine nor snivel, and thou shalt not suffer to ride alongside those who do.

10. Park not thy Bullet in the darkness of thine garage, that it may collect dust for want of being oft ridden, ride thy Bullet with thy brethren,
and rejoice in the spirit of the road.


A bulleteer is riding along a country lane, when a sparrow flies up in
front of him. The biker can't do anything and hits the sparrow. As he
looks in his rear view mirror, he sees the sparrow lying in the road.
Being the kind of guy he is, he stops, picks up the sparrow and takes
it home and puts it in a cage, still in a coma.

When the sparrow wakes up the following morning, he looks
through the bars of the cage and says,
"Shit, I must have killed the biker".

A successful gynecologist decides to fulfill his life's dream: give up
medical practice and become a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle mechanic.
So he gets out of the medical business and enrolls at a mechanic's
seminar with Royal Enfield.

After many weeks of training comes the final examination,
taking apart and then re-assembling a randomly chosen Bullet engine.
He grabs his tools and sets to work, but soon he gets worried:
while he is still working on the valve-covers, everybody else is
already busy with removing the cylinder heads.

He falls more and more behind, and as he is just starting to put it
all back together, everybody else is already finished.He manages
to put the engine back together, barely in time before the exam ends.

Because it took him so much longer than everybody else, he goes
straight to the teacher to ask how he performed.

"Well," the teacher says, "out of one hundred possible points
you scored 150." "But how is that possible?" the ex-gynecologist asks.

"Well, it breaks down to this: You get fifty points for correctly
taking the engine apart. And you get another fifty points for putting it back together perfectly."

"And what did I get those additional fifty points for?"

"For doing it all through the exhaust !!!!!."


Poor Honda Owner

Guy on a Honda pulls up to a toll booth. Toll collector says "Two rupees". Honda rider says "Sold !!!!!"


For some there's therapy for the rest of us there's motorcycles !!!!!

Cheers have a nice weekend !


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--xh-- said...

Ha ha ha :) i like that gynec one.. and teh 10 commandments.. what abt printing them on a T?

Unknown said...

Hi BT,
That was a really funny bone tickler...
enjoyed it and I swear by the ten commandments!

Kam said...


BT bhai - Lage raho! I loved reading it!!


dreamer said...

Hi BT,
nice ones, so - though you are miles apart you can be our primary blogger

Balachandran V said...

HOLY BT MOSES! Where's the eleventh tablet that you broke?
I hereby elevate you to sainthood!


Biker BT said...

Love Joshi said :

Really amazing brother BT!

Thou hast surpassed all the prior commandments on the way on all the ‘jap-crap’ I suggest these should be printed on T-shirts and given to all the RE owners :D



Jo said...

Interesting stuff

Biker BT said...

More Comments:

Well my dear BT,

That's really outstanding, hope we gonna live up ten commandments, also the gynec was icing on top .



hee heee
mind blowin commandments



Dear BT,

You are really a funny chap i said earlier i would miss you in rides but now i say the most thing that we would miss is your wonderful sense of humor it is unlucky that we have not met before though both are hailing from Tvm. Next time we must meet.

Muralidharan R said...

Ohh man, thats hilarious.. and thats the spirit of the bull and its riders / owners..

Sars said...

where can u find such a gynec?? :)

Unknown said...

loved that BT.. Grea lines :-)
Raghu - SB TVM

Unknown said...

great ones up there. The gynac lol.

Unknown said...

Makes great reading BT!
The idea of having T shirts with the ten commandments is an excellent one!
Loved the jokes especially the one about the Gynac.My wife did'nt!

pa said...

gynec and the commandmentz...hahahaha...

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