Saturday, August 04, 2007

RE must do the Harleyway !!!!!

There are things KNOWN and things UNKNOWN ….. And between them are the DOORS – That was how the cult rock bank “The Doors” advertised themselves”

All companies yearn for their products to get a Niche market or a cult status and they know there is growth, profits and sustainability in that path.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is one of those bikes and my favorite too. But I always feel that they don’t do enough to justify and promote their Brand of motorbikes.

All of us have heard of the Harley Davidson motorbikes! I visited their showroom in the Middle East to check them out. Beyond doubt it was a great experience for me!

I do feel that Royal Enfield could pick up a few tips from them on how to promote their bikes.

Harley D Showroom

BT on the Harley !

It was a thrilling moment when I sat on the Harley. Comfortable it was and real solid!

I somehow felt it was easier than straddling a RE Bullet between your legs. Probably, my feeling that if you can master riding a RE Bullet with brakes left and gears right – and have enough talent to kick start it to life in one soft kick … U are the BOSS!

Going Chrome all the way !

Some speeeedOOO that is ...(truck ya tractor!)

Logo says it alllllllllll!!!!!!!!

HD Dirt bikes

Giving it right BACK to the Sun !

With Price tag attached ! (This ones over 10 lakh INR)

Bikes 4 Rent (TRY B4 U BUY...or rent-ride till u get the cash!)

HD T-shirts !

Helmets & Jackets

HD Riding Shoes


Collectibles - lighters for the Smoke Hard !

Spares - Steel brake liners/cables

Price list 2007 - HD Catalogue!

Rental Rates
They Harley showroom has friendly staff and great stuff which we all would like to have.

Besides the Big bikes, you get every thing to start out on your ride – Riding gear to spares to more Harley branding stuff - T shirts, key chains, lighters, shoes ,stickers for the bikes and all this makes you feel you are in a different league.

Why cant RE do such things? Or are they hell bent on making the Bullet an antique?

To promote riding Harleys, you also get Harleys on rent at the showroom – if you can’t buy it now ….no probs, then rent it Dude!

Most buyers rent the bikes out and try them before buying a particular model – You can see to what extent HD goes to get people to ride their Harleys!

RE Guys! You too can do that…..only if you want to!
Cheers to the irreplaceable RE Thump.... Did i hear someone say potato-potato :-D

Thump on,
Camera: Mobile-Nokia E61iPDA.
Thanks Subroto for the company :-)


  1. The orange one is the Buell Blast It is a wonderful machine 500cc single cylinder.

    well things have changed a lot with RE now, at least in Bangalore the Bull crowd is much much younger than in TVM. I think you have not seen the RE Brand stores, It is basically the similar idea, and RE used to give experience ride for the whole weekend, until some one did not return the bike after the ride :)

  2. True JSR, India is India...u may not be able to keep free rides free !


    You look pretty good on that big Hog BT. Get yourself a dorag and
    some leather and you will be all set......... ..Leonard (Bullet Mania UK)


    Hi Babu,
    Good blogging for the RE site.Now you should
    write a travel blog.That will be more interesting.
    Scrap yard owners will be more happy with the RE than
    any other bike in India because they have more metal:-D .
    Keep posting.See ya.
    Vinod(Home Goa Home).


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