Saturday, September 01, 2007

T- Freaking

Hi guys,

Finally i got my SB 'T' yesterday! Franky the T coming all the way from India to the Middle East and a bulleteer like me freaking out is in a way truly the concept of ...No Boundaries...


The Symbolic Bullet .... - i think the design should ring a bell in the mind of the person who sees it!


A pal argued that maybe the wheel also should be there. But i think if a wheel is there then it is easily identifiable as a motorbike.This way probably gets the person thinking...its a bird? wings? motorbike ? Oh a ...Bullet - > Full points dude !


Do you think SB T's could be available through Fashion stores sometime in future ? ;-)


Im trying to see how many can identify the Bullet from the T ! It seems to strike a bell in some ..others its a quizzical look while i enjoy their expression :-)




Car wash is a bore to you ? ... Maybe you can make it interesting - check this!

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1 comment:

jsr said...

good that you liked the logo!

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