Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Silver Bullets photo polls

Hi guys it had been tough making a shortlist however... my take on the Silver Bullets Anniversary ride ...and poll results finally! Cheers- BT [Pics from Ajay,JSR,Murli,Raghu (Silver Bullets)]

Thanks to all those who voted for the photopolls ! The results -

* Pic 1 of Bullet speedo at 80km/hr by Raghu has got the max votes - 27%

* Pic 8 of 3 bullets taking the curve with their headlights blazing by Murli follows closely with 23% votes

* Pic 4 of Bullet splashing through the waters by Jayan gets 19% votes.







I guess scenery takes a second place with Silver Bulleteers when it comes to photography on Bullet ride pics! - I must say we are " Bulletssessed "

Congrats to all and thanks for sharing the pics for the poll !


Thump on,



--xh-- said...

Done. my vote is for 1st one :-)

Ajey said...

Mine for #1 as well !

Unknown said...

While riding the bike in 80KMPH and taking a snap like this is great

Unknown said...

Mine goes for the 8th! brings out the group riding experience.
(+ I am in the pic :))

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