Friday, March 21, 2008

Loud pipes save lives?

The roar of an open throttle supplemented by a loud exhaust pipe makes heads turn….. ! RE Bullet enthusiasts probably don’t need a loud pipe …. They automatically turn around listening to the bullets thump.

Loud pipes save lives? Well – see what the Hurt report says - 76.8% of all accident hazards are straight ahead of the motorcycle accident. While only 3.2% are coming from behind the motorcycle. So then loud pipes should face towards the front to save lives !

I guess we all ride our bikes and we would all like to sound nice as we ride. I was recently in Karol Bagh looking at exhaust pipes and found many exhaust pipes which were plain pipes.. no mufflers or fill-ins. These kind of pipes roar like hell – I must say just noise. They are perfectly fit for the 18 year old who wants to let everyone know that hes got a license on 2 wheels and others who just want attention! I suggest to folks who want ‘some’ noise go for a BSA Goldstar kind of exhaust- called Goldie in biker circles or the bigger regular short pipes for bullets. The advantage of these pipes is they make noise only when you really pull the accelerator and at other times it’s a medium thump! You can say it’s the best of both worlds. (Kind of Flexi –thump!).

Well so do “Loud pipes save lives” ? Well you can decide on that as its highly debatable! New laws are coming to tackle noise pollution and we have some groups saying loud pipes warn other motorists on the road and other groups saying motorbikes should only whisper as they pass by! (I think we can see a lot of jap-crap already whispering on Indian roads!!!!!).I personally prefer a medium level of thump to my ride.No thump = No punch!

Thump on!



Jo said...

wow... pretty sensitive thought.
I wounder how loud ppl going to respond to this. or is it going to be a whisper.
Anyway lets save more lives.

jsr said...

Goldie is not just for the sound purpose, it does increase the bhp of the motor with the right carb and filter.
I personally will do anything to squeeze out what ever performance i can from the motor, I don't really care what kind of sound it is :)

adfish said...

This is a debatable subject. Primarily exhausts must be functional. I personally prefer an exhaust which generates a nice note for a good feedback.

Yes, Goldie exhaust is the best best for a Bull.

Biker BT said...


it does :)

In a scenario where there is lane discipline culture like In the US, bikes are allowed to share lanes with cars on the freeway and since 'honking' is considered a bad habit, a loud exhaust is what lets the car/truck driver know that there is a bike sharing the lane. In india, HONK for ur life [:D].

Driving my car here, I have been fore warned with bikes with a loud pipe and also had scary moments with silent bikes.

my .25 dollar


it does :)

Yeah it does 101%. When I ride, people / drivers / pedestrians get
alerted (500m to 1 KM ahead of me) and they make way for me. For me, it
sure works. I have done same to my car and it is also doing wonders.
Previosuly my petrol car was very silent and ppl used to jump / cross
carelessly. But after fixing a custom exhaust, I have seen they getting
alerted much before I aproach them.

jay &
ironbull 500

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