Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bristol Bike Show 2009

I love bike shows which display all kinds of bikes, from roaring cruisers, sports bikes, classic motorcycles and great modified custom bikes.The Bristol bike show held anually is a joy for anyone who loves motorbikes and are passionate about them. This year was the 13th anniversary of the Bristol Bike Show. It is held at St.Nicolas Market, Corn Street and Small Street and surrounding area.

I have organized the walkthrough of the Bristol Bike Show in to following categories.Thanks to all who got their bikes to the show. It has been a real treat to see the way people have maintained their bikes and all the exotic modifications that have been done. Truly inspiring to follow your passion !

Click for Complete Bristol Bike Show :



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Is this a Skoda ignition coil or sensor issue ?

Is this a Skoda ignition coil or sensor issue ?