Thursday, July 29, 2010



- You ever bought saddlebags so you can carry more beer.

- You have motorcycle parts in the dishwasher.

- You're only sunburned on the back of your hands.

- Your kids learn to ride on the back of your bike before they can walk.

- You throw a party and more bikes show up than cars

- All your ashtrays are pistons from your last engine rebuild
Any one of your bikes is worth more than your car.

- You choose an apartment solely on the basis of whether or not it is flat enough to ride into and how close the good roads/trails are.

- Your bike trailor is worth more than your car.

- The first thing you ask when you regain consciousness is "How's my bike".

- You actually move farther form work so your bike commute will be longer.

- You dream of winning the lottery, and the first thing you think of is "how many/which bikes can that money buy?"

- You can tell your significant other with a straight face that its too hot to mow the lawn then take off and ride for three hours.

- You pull up hard on the steering wheel trying to jump your car over a speed bump.

- You know the distance of every point of interest within 100 miles of your house as well as the location of every pot-hole along the way.

- You refuse to buy a couch because that patch of wall space is taken up by your bike when it needs repairs.

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  1. You deliberately forget to buy smokes on your way back home so that you have an excuse to take a bike ride again!!


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