Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enfield view of the road

Motorbiking has not been too much regular these days ... some other things take priority! Some snaps from the weekend ride.I tried to get some sunshine on chrome.

Personification of an enfield. Imagine the enfield bike on the road- > What it sees on an Indian road -


As thumping increases ... Oho a bus on the road..must overtake - here we go touching speedo 30 ! Oops a dog crosses the road - Brakes !Touch 0. ( Thought: Dog marathon on da road?)

Proceed...aha finally nearing 35 speedo- flying family wth kids crossing the road. Brakes again.Touch 0. (Thought:Can't ya stay@home)

Proceed ..speedo 10. Jam jam here comes tha man - Da policeman halting a jap crap rider for breaking the rulez.Touch 0.(Thought:Y not some other place. some other time)

Proceed. Speedo touching 40 ..yay ! Brakes. Stupid people crossing the road.||||| No zeBRA crossing... Brakes. Touch 0.(Thought:Do u guys need a bra !)

Proceed. Sluggish trafic. 20-30 speedo. 1st gear-2nd gear. Speed up again touch 40 -Brakkkkessss! - WoW - a CoW on the road* ! Brakes.Touch 0.(Thought:Holy cow!)

Im sure these are minor roadblocks on a city road in India. Exciting ? Whatever *&^%#.

Meanwhile - an Enfield on a road in england thinks

Proceed..speedo 60-70-80-90 -and on .... (Thought:WTF... when will ya stop - when the fuel is over or the piston ceases!) Whatever *&^%#.


Nice weekend !

*(Interesting comic -18+)

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