Royal Enfield-Choppers special !

Everybody likes to customise motorbikes to suit their own tastes and comforts. I have not done much on my Royal Enfield. I came across some pics of Bullets modified into choppers.aka US ishtyle.Personally I am not much in favour of wild modifications unless safety factors have been considered and is legal so that you can ride free without looking out for cops !

Click below for more pics and details on customized Royal Enfield Choppers !

Happy Chopping !



sahir said…

i would like to kno where u did this?
marshall said…
the legend looks amazing.can u tell me wer u did this and how much does this cost u.which tear model s that
Biker BT said…
Hi, Please click the link on the blog to let you know more on it ! There are lot of folks doing chopper bikes out here !



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