Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Bristol

Hi... i can see good level of intelligence in u that has brought u here to this page. Any way you are slightly late. I just sent the hot blonde babe to get some chips ;-D. A small photofeature on Bristol.

To other pleasant things like travelling - lets hop on the bus.... This is Bristol in UK.Snaps are taken from atop a double decker bus for below one.


Easter weekend is a long one out here. Some bikers chilling outside a local pub.

200 years of the Floating Harbour near Citi center, Bristol!

Beautiful architecture... Wonder what it is? Hmmm.. somethings are probably more beautiful unexplained :)


That's the welcoming fresh Bristol Cafe. Coffee time folks!

An all wood yacht or trawler- specially here for Easter !


Shopping extra -- flower stalls by the harbour side!

I couldnt find a Royal Enfield, but some more bikes here ! Yamaha and Kawasaki.

All plastic !

The open Tour red bus ... 


Planetarium below ! 


Mariott Hotel @ citi center where Indian cricketers had camped.

Recycle plastic- Environment ad at a Bus stop !


Trees are supportive of the movement too. Tree appears to be saying "V" 


Pleasant to catch the Bikini bike again in UK! BMW rules!  

A rock band rocking away the night at a pub in Bristol !


BMW announces easy towing in this Bristol newspaper ad ! Magnetic power Yoo Hoo !

Cheers !

Happy Easter

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