Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amazing Enfield Bullet Stunts!

There have been so many stunts being performed on the Royal Enfield motorbikes in India.Simply awesome... I don't think Harley can stand up to all that ... ignore the japz for this exercise too :) . Indian Army team "Tornadoes" are a popular lot when it it comes to Stunts ... They are regular on Independance day(15th August) and Royal Enfield is the first and the BEST choice >>> check the lot !

Bow n arrow formation !

Below 54 guys on one Royal Enfield !

Thats a long jump.They some times jump over folks lying down too ! Ahem.. i prefer to be on the bike though :)

Water splash! If u havent had a bath or cleaned ur bike- Voila..golden opportunity! but do hold on to the bike. It will pass..what about you ?

And other amazing formations... see no aeroplane needed

Above is just the stunt dimension of the Royal Enfield. And you might have heard of Jacqui Furneaux world tour of 20 countries on the Enfield !

Should we say awesome? superb? amazing? or..... Just ENFIELD !


Unknown said...

Thats not water splash the bike is goin through.. its set of tubelights placed and broken by the bike..

Unknown said...

Royal Enfield Bullet has outstanding and brawny looks. As the name it looks Royal. This bike has great features and awesome performance.
Royal Enfield Bullet

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