Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tea OR Biscuits

Would you have tea OR biscuits? That kind of offer would startle my mind for a second! I’m sure that statement from anyone would sound strange. Normally I would consider or offer Tea AND biscuits!

I had this quizzical effect when watching a program on TV. One of the automobile program TV hosts set out to compare a Royal Enfield motorbike with Harley Davidson bikes! What did he want to compare in the two bikes- cc? Torque? Style?, riding comfort ? I know Tea and Biscuits both are edible but comparison... is indigestible. Sorry mate.

I do agree that both motorbikes have a history of being used in the last two world wars as well as retaining their conservative designs in the new models too. But the buck stops there! The bikes are in a class of their own!

Things people do to fill up TV program time slots! Please don’t ask me more on know the indigestion of Tea OR Biscuits has to wear off!



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