Saturday, March 17, 2018

Crazy to re-register my Enfield Bullet post 15 years?

You think its Crazy to re-register my Enfield Bullet post 15 years? - Yes and No. If it was just taking it across to the RTO a few kilometers away - that's fine.

Painted it brand new, changed parts to get it shiny - around 20000 bucks.

  • But, transporting the bike cross country from Delhi to Kerala?
  • Flying down for the re-registration process and physical fitness test?
  • Transporting it back up North again? 

The guy must be nuts, right?

Honestly, I wanted a Bullet since the teens and could buy one only when I was around 30. There is a sentimental value attached to that buy. I believe treat your bike well and it respects you as well. Junk can be traded, but when the bike is good solid as a rock and fit it deserves to stay - especially the cast iron engine and the natural thump magic of the Bullet which makes it iconic. Collector's item.

Anyway, transporting it - Agarwal packers quoted 12000 rupees "Delhi - Trivandrum" bike transport, packing all included.

I did it through SafeExpress - Rs.4500 ( But packing to be done by me). Cool.

I wasn't around post re-registration when it was to be shipped back so did it through Agarwal packers - Rs.8500 packing and transport (South to North direction transport is mysteriously cheap). Probably I feel the assumption is it's a B-tier city so lower income etc blah and blah?

The interesting thing is on the way to get the Bullet fitness test done at Trivandrum, I was stopped by the cops twice and fined both times for not having a mirror on the left handlebar. The mirror would not fit and I could not miss the fitness test schedule time as well. But then - that's compliments from  Life. Funny? No, after all the effort I took as above >> Seriously No.

So here I am, ... Ride on :)


Biker BT

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